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On Oct. 5, 2016, I will be speaking in St. Johnsbury, VT for a lecture series sponsored by the Vermont Humanities Council.

In February and March, 2017, I will be a guest speaker on a 14-day Mekong River expedition organized by the National Geographic Society. This trip will include a 2-day visit to the fabled temples and monuments of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

On April 4, 2017, I will be the featured speaker at the Glasscock Center for Humanities Research at Texas A&M University.

My new novel, previously under the working title of DELIVER US FROM EVIL will be published by Henry Holt & Co. in May, 2017 under the publication title of SOME RISE BY SIN.

Finally, the 40th anniversary edition of A RUMOR OF WAR will be issued by Holt in August, 2017.

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  1. Marilyn Pilon says:

    Hi Phil,

    I just read Rumor is being brought back again. Does this mean a new book or a made for TV series? I would love to see Rumor on TV! Hope you are doing well. Your picture looks good. I would know you anywhere. Hopefully you will be in my area sometime so we can see each other again & talk about old times during our Moscow days. Good for you. So glad you have become famous.

    With fond memories,

    Marilyn Pilon

    • Where did you read that? Perhaps you’re thinking of Ken Burns’s Vietnam documentary, coming out in Sept.? I guess it’s better to be famous than obscure, but the Greek and Roman stoic philosophers (whom I study frequently) dismissed it as a thing to be pursued. This is Marcus Aurelius, Meditation 9: …”Brief, too, is the longest posthumous fame, and even this only continued by a succession of poor human beings, who will very soon die, and who know not even themselves, much less him who died long ago.”

      Abrazos, Phil.

  2. Janet McSweeney says:

    Hi Phil,

    Just finished reading “Rumor”. It is the first book about Vietnam I have ever read. My husband served there (Army 1967-1968) and rarely talks about his tour. I get it now!

    Thanks for your service….yes, sounds cliche, but I mean it.

    Janet M.

  3. Michael Doocy says:

    Mr. Caputo, I recently read Rumors of War for a history class. I have to admit I usually only read books that I have to. I found Rumors hard to put down and felt as if I had been with you for part of the journey. My father was in the Marine Corps and was in Vietnam in the Early 1960’s. He had returned prior to 1964. He never spoke much about it, only a few stories about entering a village or traveling up a river, He was a duck driver. As I read the first chapter where you write about your upbringing in the town of Westchester I was instantly hooked. My cousins grew up in Westchester in the 60’s and 70’s. I would visit them as a child and remember how It seemed so suburban for a kid from the city and now I am currently a Lieutenant on the Westchester Fire Department. I felt an instant connection to you and your story and wonder why there is not a street named for you or some type of recognition to you? Any Chance you are heading towards Chicago anytime soon, I would love to attend one of your events. I would love to hear from you. Thanks for your service and sharing your experience.

    Michael Doocy

  4. Martha Richitelli says:

    i used to live in the area of St Johnsbury, wish I were still there./ Would love to hear you speak. I will alert friends in those parts! Looking forward to the new book. Happy and safe travels, PHIL.

  5. Tony Baker says:

    Some Rise By Sin eagerly awaited.


  6. James Zambroski says:

    Yeah, 75, lookin’ good, saw pictures of you from Key West recently. I’m headed there on July 23 to dive the Vandenberg and (maybe) run with my wife in the Hemingway 5K the 24th. I’ve built a 20 year history on that rock, smaller now since 9-11 and the fence around the base where I used to roller blade. Will stop by the lighthouse for nostalgia’s sake; saw you at a wedding there long ago; you were wearing a linen suit as I recall, or, maybe at 63, I’m starting to fade. Will look forward to your dispatches from the Mekong. Forty years since Rumor..wow.

    • I don’t think Papa could have walked 5K, much less run it, after a few hours at Sloppy Joe’s. The Rock, a working seaport, Navy town, Bohemian enclave, and Gay sanctuary in olden times, is now exclusively a tourist playground. Much spiffier than in the past — beaches cleaned up and groomed, new parks, streets repaved, but some indefinable something seems missing. The surrounding waters and islands, however, are as magical as ever.

  7. Michael Zimmer says:

    You had mentioned something about a year ago about having bladder cancer. How’s that going?

    • Cancer-free the last 2 years. Won;t be considered in remission for another 3. That said, I feel terrific for a 75-year-old, for a 45-year-old for that matter. Thanks for asking.

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