Ken Burns Documentary.

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An essay on my thoughts about the upcoming Ken Burns documentary.




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  1. Mary Koch Larsen says:

    Ken Burns on Colbert said some very similar things about the parallels of the 60s and 70s to the present time. Food for thought for everyone.

  2. Darlene Arendt says:

    “Vietquake” was quite interesting. It made me think of other similarities, one of which was the 1968 presidential election versus the 2016 presidential election. Hubert Humphrey should have won the 1968 election, but he underestimated the anti-war issues of the youth supported by Eugene McCarthy. Hillary Clinton should have won the 2016 election, but she underestimated the affordable college issues of the Millennials supported by Bernie Sanders.

    Also, I just finished your book “Rumor of War.” My husband had recently told me that he had been in Da Nang, Vietnam in the mid-1960’s during his service in the US Army. He was only there for a week, and it wasn’t for combat, but this piqued my interest in learning more about the Vietnam War. I can see why your book is considered a classic. I feel like I now understand what combat was like for the men who served in Vietnam. Looking forward to Ken Burn’s documentary “The Vietnam War.”

    • Enfilade says:

      Long ago, Hillary Clinton should’ve been charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced to the fullest extent for her crimes.

      Once the FBI/DOJ/ODNI frame up of Trump via the use of a false Russian dossier that was financed by DNC and paid for through Hillary’s lawyers, and then falsely used by FBI to gain FISA wiretapping warrants is complete, and the participants of that attempted coup d’etat of a sitting U.S. President are imprisoned, Hillary will hopefully face the same fate.

      Hillary’s Accomplishment List:
      Booted from Nixon case as newly minted attorney
      Vince Foster
      Ron Brown
      Had a child fathered by Webb Hubbell
      Named a Post Office as U.S. Senator
      Lied about Benghazi
      Lied about being “under sniper fire” in Bosnia
      Haiti relief fraud
      Uranium One Russian collusion
      $145 million from Russia after Uranium One sale
      Felony mishandling confidential information
      ~Not enough room for everything….

      • Ah, the hysteria of Trump true-believers, who emulate their idol in the mangling of the English language. Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary: “coup d’etat — a sudden decisive exercise of force in politics: esp: the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group.”

        How the Mueller investigation meets this definition is beyond me, as is the author’s peddling of Hillary rumors (some hoary with age) as established fact. Enfilade, whoever you are, you need to take some deep breaths and maybe a tranquilizer or two.

  3. Tony Baker says:

    Well, you make me want to get all your stuff back out and read it again. I only read the sword-to-pen piece – couldn’t find the other one – but absorbed me totally. The purpose of knowledge is to guide action, and to write about one’s personal war is to give knowledge to guide action, even if it shows the writer in a bad light. Jordan Peterson said that a human being is a chimpanzee full of snakes, a loosely organized set of semi-autonymous entities subsumed – hopefully – by an over-arching hierarchy of values. Your essay amplifies that idea.

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