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A fine pre-publication review of the new novel, SOME RISE BY SIN, in the most recent issue of Publishers Weekly: Expanding on several of the themes of his 2009 novel Crossers, Caputo’s latest is a thought-provoking story of unthinkable brutality. Former art history professor Timothy Riordan is the Catholic pastor of San Patricio, a remote village in […]

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SOME RISE BY SIN/advance reviews

Here is a link to a 5-star review from Booklist and a somewhat mixed advance review from Kirkus, call it a 3-star. Kirkus will publish it on March 1st. I don’t think the novel is as predictable as the reviewer states, but then I’m biased. Booklist first: https://www.booklistonline.com/Some-Rise-by-Sin-Philip-Caputo/pid=8617627. Text of Kirkus:   A novel that […]

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Some Rise By Sin

Full text of Library Journal pre-pub review:Library Journal 2 1 17

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Book Jacket

Click here a link to the book jacket for SomeRisebySin_Pass2, then click on the link

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A nice advance notice for SOME RISE BY SIN in Library Journal: http://reviews.libraryjournal.com/2016/11/prepub/picks/caputo-chevalier-russo-up-and-coming-segal-barbaras-fiction-picksmay-2017-pt-4/

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I was surprised by the results of Tuesday’s election, but in all honesty not shocked, and certainly less than awed. That reaction wasn’t due to any extraordinary powers on my part but to the fact that I travel the country quite a lot, I listen to people, I learn what their lives are like, what […]

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Philip Caputo joins host David Brancaccio to discuss William Styron’s greatness as a writer and his struggle against depression.

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The link below gives an overview of the February/March 2017 expedition to Vietnam and Cambodia, and the voyage on the Mekong River. (See my July 13 post.) I will be giving three speeches, one in Saigon at a “literary salon” in the former residence of Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, and two on board the vessel, […]

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Events include a speaking appearance in Vermont; a guest speaking gig on a National Geo Mekong River expedition in February 2017; a speaking appearance in Texas next April, and a new anniversary edition of A Rumor of War. Find out more…

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My new novel, Some Rise By Sin (written under the working title of Deliver Us From Evil), was completed in July, and is scheduled for a May 2, 2017, publication by Henry Holt & Co. Here’s an early peek at the story.

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