The Voyage

“The spirit of Joseph Conrad . . . haunts Philip Caputo’s adventure-filled story.” —The New York Times Book Review



In the tradition of great seafaring adventures, The Voyage is an intricately plotted, superbly detailed, and gripping story of adventure and courage. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Philip Caputo has written a timeless novel about the dangerous reverberating effects of long held family secrets.

On a June morning in 1901, Cyrus Braithwaite orders his three sons to set sail from their Maine home aboard the family’s forty-six-foot schooner and not return until September. Though confused and hurt by their father’s cold-blooded actions, the three brothers soon rise to the occasion and embark on a breathtakingly perilous journey down the East Coast, headed for the Florida Keys.

Almost one hundred years later, Cyrus’s great-granddaughter Sybil sets out to uncover the events that transpired on the voyage. Her discoveries about the Braithwaite family and the America they lived in unfolds into a stunning tale of intrigue, murder, lies and deceit. 



“The pages billow and snap with tension.” —The Boston Globe

“A sea story in the grand tradition of Conrad and Melville, this shamelessly salty and unbearably exciting novel is a welcome reminder that imagination transports us where facts cannot, that adventure created by a master storyteller can make reality seem tame.” —Daily News

“A high seas classic combined with a mystery.” —San Francisco Chronicle

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  1. cynthia cronk says:

    I just finished this book and loved it. I would liked to have seen more from Sybil who started us off, appeared only briefly and sporadically within the novel and then reappeared at the end to wrap things up – but the story of the boys and their dear friend on their ship’s journey was incredible and filled with heartbreak, courage and incredible fortitude. Boys in that time were so much braver and more mature than today. They had no choice. It became a journey for their very lives.

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