This five-minute book trailer gives a good introduction to THE LONGEST ROAD, with my narration of passages from the opening chapter of the book, along with photos from the journey. 

Those looking for a quicker preview might enjoy this 60-second video, created by Nick Katzenbach. Bear in mind, the real trip took 4 months, and then the book writing and publication took another two years. So this is just the very tip of the iceberg. 

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  1. Scott and Jenita Myers says:

    I got a call today from my father , he said I just read your story in a book called the Longest Road. I asked who wrote it and dad told me Philip Caputo. I was telling my wife Jenita and she said the fellow we met at Smathers beach with the 2 dog’s. Just wanted to say hi and let you know we are still in Key West. We got a job as property managers for a rooming house that had been over run with people on crack and all other types of problems. We have been here 2 years and am proud to say we have helped a lot of people. We still plan to head back out on the road soon and see what is next for us. Keep in touch as we will with you.
    Scott and Jenita Myers

    • Great to hear from you. You and Jenita were my first interview, and out of the 82 I did between Key West and the Arctic Ocean, yours was among the best. Leslie says hello. One of the dogs with us then has gone on to her happy hunting ground. Pleased to learn that you are both saving the lost and the marginalized. All Best, Phil

  2. ken & patti neider says:

    i was told by one of your readers that we were noted in your book
    The longest road. we met in hohenwald tenn. now we are semi celeberties
    I will tell my wife patti to download your book and look forward to a
    good read thank you for the fun.

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