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As a reporter, I’m very much a generalist, writing on a variety of subjects. The articles on this page, selected from the many I’ve done, are a representative sample. Although some were published decades ago, the 1980 Esquire story about the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the Playboy story about returning war veterans are particularly relevant today. The latter won Playboy’s editorial award for 1982, while the Esquire piece was chosen for a collection commemorating that magazine’s 75th anniversary. The National Geographic Adventure article, “Man-Eaters of Tsavo,” was selected for Best American Travel Writing 2001, edited by Paul Theroux.

PDFs and links

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Esquire's Big Book of Great Writing

“A Rumor of Resistance” (1980)

Playboy cover, Jan. 1982

“The Unreturning Army” (1982)

Washington Post Cover

“Pilgrimage to ‘La Vecchia Paese’” (1988)

“Among the Man-Eaters” (2000)


“The Dark Skies of Sudan” (2001)


Natl Geo Cover

“Maneless in Tsavo” (April 2002)

Atlantic cover

“The Border of Madness” (December 2009)

Online Links

“The Wei That Wasn’t” (June 21, 1998)
Virginia Quarterly Review “Life on the Line: The Arizona-Mexico Border” (Spring 2007)
Nat'l Geo Adventure “Guns ‘n’ Butter” (interview about Acts of Faith, June/July 2005)


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