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April 18, 2017 | By | 4 Replies More

This article, giving a summary of Some Rise By Sin and some background about the novel’s genesis, appeared today, April 18.


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  1. Tony Baker says:

    Another great set-up for the release. I might need to read Crossers again. Their mention of your piece in Atlantic reminded me that that was the occasion of our first personal connection, a happy happenstance for moi.

  2. Joan Krebs says:

    Dunce that I am, I can’t seem to find the referenced article. I did find other advanced reviews so I’m still waiting on tenterhooks…. Help.

    • If you enter the URL — http:\\ — in the address bar and click on the search icon or the “enter/return” key, you should see it.

      • Joan Krebs says:

        Thanks. ‘Tried it for the fourth time. Get CROSSERS review but not the latest one. I’m destined to wait. At any rate I’ve read the previous reviews so I don’t feel deprived, just stupid.

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