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Conservatives complain (and complain and complain) that there is too much government in our lives. In reality, we live in an age when the corporation, especially those companies in the high-tech, digital sector, dominate. They reign supreme. This link, from the Authors Guild, shows what one famous online retailer is trying to do to my industry, publishing.



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  1. bill walsh says:

    Well, the leader of Amazon, Bezos and the leader of Apple and its glass breaking phones and new 1000 price tag and Tesla, a partially gov funded car company, unable to produce cars and and Facebook’s owner who propagandizes thru his Washington Post
    and the next 6 richest men in America, why are they are they all far left democrats.
    So why do they fight their taxes and like Warren Buffet.
    Buffett pays less than his secretary because he pays her a lot, he takes no salary, gives no dividends and only pays tax on capital gains, which he does not need to do because he does not sell any stock.
    Bezos of Amazon is a darling of the left, with a company whose model is growth thru losing money.
    When Obama took over he was going to change bad old big banks.
    His AG tried and sent no one to jail, the 6 banks got bigger and bigger.
    regional banks and small banks are almost gone.
    Hillary took 7.2 million is speeches from them. millions in campaign contributions and now Obama is getting 400k for a “speech” from big bank.
    I am a conservative and I did not vote for Trump but am elated the Clinton’s
    are out of power.
    Almost all the super rich are democrats, very liberal democrats
    Do not blame conservatives for Amazon and Bezos, Apple, Microsoft monopoly, Tesla, Buffet etc. America is dying form debt
    and look at the cities run by democrats for 40 years
    Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, San Fran, LA, Philly, Newark
    all dying from debt, poverty, ghettos, crime, murders,lack of jobs, bad schools,drug dealing, sanctuary city protection, heroin, children without fathers, police afraid to make contact and more.
    and potential bankruptcy.

    • All the super rich are Democrats? Gimme a break! We can start with the Koch brothers and move on to the plutocrats and oligarchs in Trump’s cabinet, to say nothing of Trump himself. And if you think America is dying from debt now, wait till he and the Republicans pass huge tax cuts while increasing military spending and spending on infrastructure. Reagan tried the same in the 1980s, the U.S. went from being the world’s leading lending nation to the world’s biggest debtor nation, and eventually his administration had to raise taxes to cover the shortfall.

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